MagicianVillage + Magic eXchange Network = Friends

Welcome to MagicianVillage ... this is the new chapter of a 3+ year project. In November of 2013 our project went from 1 community into 2 … both MagicianVillage and the newly spun off Magic eXchange Network.

Magic eXchange Network was the owner for MagicianVillage when it was introduced to the world in November of 2012 ... and basically they have now spun off the MXN branding and a few of the community spaces in their new effort. As of November 2013, Dennis Vander Houwen (the founder of Surplus Magic Exchange and MagicianVillage) made a specific choice to move towards what the new project is calling a 'simplification' and part of how they accomplished this was by selling the MagicianVillage brand and a large portion of the community to a new ownership team as a stand alone community.

Quick "Where We've Come From" Overview

For the last six months our leadership team has been specifically working to solve and resolve some unexpected issues with our original project design as it fit our vision and the platform we built our community on. As many have commented in their own entertainment business efforts … not every concept that works a specific way on paper works that same way in the real world. Eventually we reached a point where we realized that technology and resources needed to make our plans work just were not within our immediate reach or capabilities (the project wasn't meant to be any person's full time job if you will.) At the end of the day as the Community Architect … I came to the understanding that MagicianVillage would need to look to new platforms for its future growth … meaning Facebook would only be a part of the picture if MagicianVillage would thrive as the Virtual Magic Club it was turning into.

The idea for the larger MagicianVillage efforts is still a solid one that will live on and if you joined one or more of the 20+ active spaces ... you are still encouraged to participate in the amazing discussions from thousands of years worth of real world experience (magicians helping magicians.) The MagicianVillage brand itself will now be managed as its own project ... outside of the new efforts of Magic eXchange Network.

MXN has launched with the following former spaces from MagicianVillage: Surplus Magic Exchange, SME Factory Outlet, and SME Talk Park. If you had signed up as a Charter Member of MagicianVillage during the 1 week that option was live OR you hold an active Backstage Access Membership ... All the benefits offered to you with this are now being fulfilled by the MXN project (they are launching a Lecture Platform) ... If you have ANY MEMBERSHIP SPECIFIC questions, use the contact links below to reach out to us via the private message on our main page and we’ll help in any way we can.

We truly wish Dennis and his team much success with their vision and we are so very much appreciative that we have acquired the remaining parts of MagicianVillage to continue to grow the “Magicians Helping Magicians” core idea and the Others Oriented Membership efforts that have been a HUGE part of the community’s foundation.

Where We're Going” from here

For now the focus of MagicianVillage will be right where we’re at … encouraging, serving, supporting, and sharing the ups and downs of each other’s lives … through niche specific discussion areas (Close Up Magic, Illusions, Tech Equipment, Magic / Entertainment News, and more) … while growing a new leadership team and unified vision for the future steps we’ll take.

We’ve updated our Membership Sign Up process … all current memberships are FREE ACCESS … we just use this process to make sure our members are REAL PEOPLE
(stink'n bots) and that all members have signed the same USER AGREEMENT so that we all know that others are held accountable to the same standards that we each are in our posts and interactions inside our Virtual Magic Club / Community.

Thank you to the hundreds of members that have shared their appreciation with us … their insights … their comments, concerns, great food recipes (hey, we gotta eat too) and sooooo much more along the way. We continue to appreciate these things and courage you to use the MESSAGE button on our main Facebook Page to reach out to us via private message at www.facebook.com/MagicianVillage

Can’t wait to enjoy the journey with you inside the village and we LOVE THIS ART FORM ... and we so very much want to see success for YOU in your own efforts sharing the magic with those around you!!

Appreciatively yours,

Errin Hogan
Community Architect

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PS - If you've ever visited any of any of the spaces of the new MXN (especially the original Surplus Magic Exchange) please take a moment to go read a bit about where their brand is today and learn more about where their brand is going in the year ahead at www.MagiceXchangeNetwork.com

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